• Product Name:Acetic acid, (2-sec-octylphenoxy)-
  • Molecular Formula:C16H24O3

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What is the Acetic acid, (2-sec-octylphenoxy)- ?

Acetic acid, (2-sec-octylphenoxy)- is a useful chemical material, while it's Molecular Formula is C16H24O3. Acetic acid is a corrosive organic acid having a sharp odor, burning taste, and pernicious blistering properties.

What is the CAS number for Acetic acid, (2-sec-octylphenoxy)- ?

The CAS number of Acetic acid, (2-sec-octylphenoxy)- is 275823-92-2.

More information of Acetic acid, (2-sec-octylphenoxy)- 275823-92-2 are:

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What is Acetic acid, (2-sec-octylphenoxy)- (275823-92-2) used for?

2-(2-octan-2-ylphenoxy)acetic acid is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fungicides and dyes. 


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Fe binuclear sites convert methane to acetic acid with ultrahigh selectivity Chem, Volume 8, Issue 6, 9 June 2022, Pages 1658-1672
Adsorption kinetics of acetic acid into ZnO/castor oil-derived polyurethanes Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Volume 632, Part A, 15 February 2023, Pages 74-86

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