• Product Name:Thymomodulin
  • Molecular Formula:CCRIS 1242
  • Molecular Weight:0

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What is the Thymomodulin ?

Thymomodulin is a calf thymus acid lysate derivative, composed of several peptides with a molecular weight range of 1–10 kD. Thymomodulin is a set of low molecular weight peptides of less than 10,000 Daltons, derived from the acid lysis of calf thymus.

What is the CAS number for Thymomodulin ?

The CAS number of Thymomodulin is 90803-92-2.

More information of Thymomodulin 90803-92-2 are:



CAS Number


Molecular Formula

CCRIS 1242

Molecular Weight


What is Thymomodulin (90803-92-2) used for?

Extensive human clinical trials with thymomodulin showed that this agent can improve the clinical symptoms observed with various disease processes, including infections, allergies and malignancies, and can improve immunological functions during ageing. In clinical studies, thymomodulin has proved to reduce the number of recurrent respiratory infections in children.


Articles related to Thymomodulin:



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